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Special Equipment and Systems

The main added value that sets OASYS R&E apart from the rest is the design of special products and bespoke solution engineering based on the specific requirements of each case. We have a wide and varied range of special products for fire protection for special non-conventional uses.

The current range of available special equipment, which we are constantly expanding, is our response to designs and developments our own clients have requested. They are supplemented by a variety of conventional products so that our clients can have the most complete and effective intervention equipment for their particular circumstances.


Forest and Civil Protection

  • Fire-Extinguishing Trailer (RE 18/600)
  • Intervention Tools
    • Universal Axe 230 MM
    • Fire Swatter 1,500 mm
    • 18 L Backpack Pump
    • 2.16 M2 Fire Blanket

Personal intervention equipment