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Projects and Studies

OASYS R&E has a technical office to provide assistance with any issue related to fire safety and environmental management.

Our technical office has the resources and knowledge, experience and know-how needed to put any service or solution we offer into practice. For that purpose we have:

  • An engineering team with interdisciplinary training and specialisation in fire protection.
  • The broadest document base on regulations and technical studies, which is constantly updated.
  • An extensive network of entities and specialists who collaborate with us.

As a result of our work methodology, which is based on efficient use of resources and direct and permanent contact with clients, we can offer the best services and always provide the most advantageous cost–benefit solution.

The projects and studies the technical office provides are classified into two groups:

Types of Projects and Services


  • Projects for obtaining activity licenses.
  • Fire protection projects.
  • Self-protection, emergency and evacuation plans.
  • Drawing and technical surveying.


  • Safety engineering and risk assessment.
  • Fire protection consultancy services.
  • Implementing specific solutions for the fire protection of special equipment and machines.
  • Study of customised solutions for the fire protection of facilities and buildings.