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Agencies, such as the IMO (International Maritime Organization), operate in this sector regulating and promoting maritime safety through international treaties, such as the SOLAS convention, whose first version came into effect in 1980.

OASYS R&E manufactures and markets a series of equipment and extinguishers suitable for maritime use. All the equipment has been designed and manufactured specifically for this sector by including corrosion-resistant materials and finishes to ensure they will last and operate for a long time even in the most unfavourable conditions.



All the fire extinguishers are manufactured in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. They have MED or APPROVAL CERTIFICATES for maritime use issued by recognised notification bodies.

PM Series – Stored Pressure Powder Extinguishers

2, 3, 6, 9 and 12 KG portable ABC powder extinguishers (PM-2, PM-3, PM-6, PM-9 and PM-12)

FM Series – Stored Pressure Water Extinguishers

6 and 9 Liters portable foam extinguishers (FM-6 y FM-9)

CM Series – Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers

2 and 5 Kilograms portable CO2 extinguishers (CM-2 and CM-9)